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Welcome to our new guild website.

I would like everyone to read carefully through the rules so that they won't be broken. 
Other than that I suggest you to get to 85 A.S.A.P as Mists of Pandaria is soon released.

Here is a quick description of the guild ranks:

Currently the guild ranks are:

  1. Recruit - Everyone starts here. Recruits don't get to do much because, well, we don't trust them yet. Once you've shown you're willing to stick around you'll get promoted pretty quick. Nothing personal but in the past we had freeloaders join the guild, take what they could and leave. This rank is your chance to prove you're not one of them. New members will generally remain at this rank for at least a week.
  2. Sergeant - Players at this rank start getting some responsibility and have a chance to demonstrate leadership. A sergeant is expected to help out lower ranks wherever possible. Players of this rank can start making a limited amount of withdrawals from the guild bank and can also invite new members to the guild.
  3. Captain - Mainly Raiders. Captains can make larger withdrawals from the guild bank but are also expected to contribute more to the guild bank. Captains can promote lower ranked members and can use the officer channel in chat since this is the first of the officer ranks. This rank is reserved for players who have shown a good deal of dedication to the members of the guild and have played in the guild regularly for a while. Promotions to this rank or higher require the approval of at least 3 higher ranked members.
  4. General - This rank is mainly reserved for founding members and a couple of the guild's longest serving members, though players who have shown great leadership and are well respected by other guild members can also be promoted to this rank.
  5. Guild Master - The guild master is currently Fungie, who is played by Cristian.
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